Monday, July 2, 2007

Yes, I am a Sexy Filipina

A campaign in reshaping of the Filipina image over the internet has been launched by fellow bloggers these past few days. Finally, we are now taking a stand against the misconception about Filipinas over the internet.

It's sad that when you search for the word Sexy Filipina, Filipina women, or Pinay, you would be led to sites that promotes mail-order brides or even the sex trade. Glad that the campaign (which started by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert , Marc Macalua started a Filipina and Philippines campaign as far back as 20041) did not go down the drain. ( Here's my contribution by the way, Philippines Filipina)

I remember the "eruption" was triggered due to an attack by an anonymous commenter on Tita Dine's blog, The D Spot, by saying that she should stop using the psuedonym Sexy Mom as

Author : Decent Mother
Comment:You are a disgrace to the Filipino women. We have been trying to
change the image of the Filipino women in the internet. Foreigners type
“filipina” to search for women to have sex. The same kind of people (pedophiles
and perverts) type “sexy mom” and it points to You . You are an embarassment to
our country. Stop using SEXY MOM. Filipino mothers are loving caring mothers.
Leave the SEX part in your bedroom . Mommy bloggers laugh behind your back
because of your pseudonym. Filipino women are too polite to tell you to say that
using sexy mom is killing the filipino women.

Apparently, this Filipina is have been out of this world for sometime and have not researched enough about Sexy Mom's blog all about.

The discussion about Tita Dine's reaction about that comment can be read in her blog and some other fellow pinay bloggers.

Personally, if Sexy is tita Dine, I wouldn't being being so. She is a definition of the modern sexy Filipina today. She is interesting, high appealing (just ask her kids, hubby and fellow pinays) and attractive.

Noemi Dado of Touched by An Angel also suggest a list of How to Reshape the Sexy Filipina

Here are some also of the fellow bloggers who posted about it too.

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And may I quote Manila Mom on this as she has perfectly defined Filipina women today.

Filipinas are sexy because we are strong, intelligent, capable,
forward-thinking, courageous, confident, dignified, sincere, caring and loving.
We know ourselves and are comfortable with ourselves.

I couldn't it say it better.

Just for the record, yes, I am Sexy Filipina. I am strong, smart, beautiful and one of a kind. Just ask my husband. :D

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Jane said...

Great post, Abbie. We are getting this campaign on the roll!