Monday, July 9, 2007

Thou Shall Not Covet

These words are very much engraved in my head as a "rule" given by God. Thou shall not covet other people's things, Thou shall not Covet other people's wife. In short, Huwag kang inggitera! (Don't be envious!).

I have abide by the rule as much as I can. But then, I realized that we should not take God's word very literally. I believe that He created the rule as a way of saying that we should be contented for what we have and be happy for others. Envy is not really an entirely bad emotion. Too much of it does and how you use that emotion.

Personally, I have used that emotion to advance myself. To get what I want on a positive way. If its a thing, I think of ways how could I earn to buy that thing. If it is success, I politely try to learn his or her secret how did she or he did it. I always say to myself, "They did it, why can't I?"

Some may agree with me, some will don't. I fully understand that. Please do tell me what you think. It'll be quite interesting.

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