Sunday, July 8, 2007

Father Killed His Own Daughter

Last week, a news break out about a 3 year old girl being lost on a mall while with her parents. Apparently, the girl just disappeared from the her mother's side and the mother thought she just went to her father's side. The incident was flashed on the news about three days earlier. Lost: A missing three year old girl. The screen shows a beautiful smiling three year old girl. My heart just broke. The mother exclaims, "Sana binalik na lang nila sa akin. Ba't nagkaganyan?" (They should have just returned her to me. Why did this happened?). A very sad sight. I couldn't imagine what trauma a mother could possibly endure while looking for her lost child and then finding out your precious child is already dead.

Then the tragedy didn't stop there. The father confessed. He killed his own three year old daughter.

I couldn't write anymore. I'm not yet a mother but I also believe that the man is a beast.

You could read more about the story here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

OMG that is quite traumatic indeed. I will feel devastated if that happens to my own child

Abbie said...

Very sad indeed, Chase. My officemates are devastated as well. We just recently discussed the situation before the news break out that the father did it. We're all very angry and sad as well.