Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Other Abbie

The name Abbie is special to me. The first one who calls me Abbie was my husband. He said that he wants to be the only one to call me that. You see, Abbie is my second name. Its basically short for Abigael.

Then I have this unconditional love for our feline friends. They used to laugh at me as I wanted to pick up and hug every cat that I see. Yes, even the filthy ones (I know its scary) but of course, I wanted to pick them up so I could have them take a bath (which I know might be their worst nightmare).

Then came the time that I wanted to create a blog that perhaps will show the real me. I know this step might, only might, put me into shame but can also put me into stardom. Honestly I don't want stardom but I want awareness. Have really lots of ideas that going on in my head but sad to say, they only comes like a wind. Most of my great ideas come to me when I can't even write something on my handy notebook. Then I will loss focus. Then Capoot! There goes the idea. Hehehehe. But I know there is room for improvement.

Anyway, back to blog. I decided to go for the most obivious choice for my blogspot name, But I was in for a suprise. This sassy cat had beat me on the spot! And she did so by six years ahead of time. Talk about first come first serve. :)

But I don't mind, really. She's so cute. And you can see that she had worked so hard with all typing on the computer (*grins*). Her last post was dated 01 May 2007. Apparently she's already ten years old an just had her birthday party! So to you, Abbie the Sassy Cat, Happy Birthday! Its so nice to have a namesake as cute as you.

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