Saturday, July 7, 2007

Abbie's World

I am just another girl on the face of planet Earth.
I create my world.
I don't evolve around the world, the world evolve around me. I just think differently.
I have a genie on my mind that has unlimited wishes to grant.
What I need comes to me.
My world as a canvas or a journal to which I am the author.
I am a rock but a mallows at the same time.
I blend with time but yet still one of a kind.
I do things like everybody else with a little twist.
I like being alone but company is always welcome.
I am a dreamer by nature even when the time gets tough.
I am an eternal student, as learning is a second nature for me.
I write about what I think, some intelligently and sometimes even disturbed.
I am my father's joy.
I am Abbie.
Welcome to Abbie's world.

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